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Ronan's report

Saturday 6th July, 2013

I'm less than weeks out now from the start of the Hungarian Ironman; it's incredible how much this can focus your attention. Of course it's physical, but there's a huge amount of mental preparation too - for me anyway. I'm hoping that it's a bit better this year, certainly if I don't go under 12 hrs I'll be pissed, but a lot of that depends on the marathon and just not dying, in fact just having a decent marathon would make me happy. Ultimately I'd like to get this down to about ten and a half hours, and then look around; that for me would be a very high level of fitness.

More important than the race itself, however, is what I do afterwards. For the last three IMs, over a four year period, I've had an extended break and completely lost my fitness. This year for the week immediately afterwards I'll go on a heavy upper-body weights programme, eating massive amounts of protein, to try to keep those muscles which I lost last year! Then I'll start focussing on a winter race (and this means I have to decide either NZ, Asia or Australia - there is a 1/2 IM in Phuket which sounds interesting) and I start training again, otherwise I have to go through this entire process again to get to this point, and I'm not even half way up the bloody mountain!

No Lars today - but thought I should put something up! Back on Monday :-)

Cheers, Paul

PS Lena has archived Lars' POD page here.

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