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Ronan's report

Tuesday 12th July, 2011

My computer has been acting up at work- to the point where I had to send it to the Arctic (kind of unbelievable!) to get it fixed. For some reason our advanced computer repair centre is in a remote location with very limited seasonal road access and no mobile network. That makes sense, doesn't it? No. Anyways, my temporary computer has none of the software I require to do my job and the updates that it required take days to complete, slowing everything else on the computer. A perfect reason to be frustrated and find something to do outside.

I took my well earned freedom (cheap as a vacation day) and headed west looking for bugs, fish, and cold clear water. Despite the 30 degree weather and continual highwater, I found a creek with 50 cm of visibility and headed down from the bridge.

I knew no-one would bother me because I had to sneak past a "road washed out" barrier to get down to the valley bottom. My wife will never notice the paint scraped off the side of the car where the barrier was just too tight.

At the bridge the temperature was pushing 30 degrees, just perfect for wading in waist-deep, cold, snow run-off. The water was higher than I thought it would be, it was too high to wade across comfortably while carrying my dSLR.

As I worked my way downstream, I began to smell the rank scent of something well past dead. A quick check up the bank proved what I had though, bear tracks. I though to myself that the dead thing could have a very aggressive bear sitting on it. With the water too high to cross, it was time to head back up to the car.
I was not about to risk my neck for a trout.

On the way back to the bridge I realized that the 30 degree, the full sun, and the hoards of mosquitoes had taken their toll on my hide. I called it a done day of fishing, but stuck around to take pictures of the sunset. Gods, its a beautiful country!

Tomorrow, I'm headed out to look for big brown trout from a jetboat... I hope we'll be able to spot them while going 50 knots!


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