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Ronan's report

Saturday September 22nd 2012

It's been a while since I last fished for pike. The past 3-4 years I've only had the occasional trip, but I've gone into pike mode again. Pike are awesome gamefish, and just plain fun to fish for.

They are certainly not the hardest fighters on the planet, but the strike makes up for that. Big pike strike the fly very, very hard, and I just love that. Add to that the fact that there's a good chance of getting a 20-pounder on a surface fly, and I think you get what I'm talking about.

I generally use two different types of flies when pike fishing. Big streamers tied (almost) entire of flash. And I mean big - 10 inches of flash is not too much, even in clear water. I prefer silver/blue or silver/green and also have guld/copper/red versions in the box. And then I use poppers and sliders - big ones with foam heads. Sometimes, I have even had pike jump out of the water next to my fly only to grab it on the way down!

Pike are strange fish, and if there's one fish where it's plain obvious that they have "strike-times", it's pike. You can fish for hours catching zip-all and suddenly within 5 minutes, fish are on across the lake. What causes or governs this is largely unknown, but in brackish water and lower parts of our rivers systems, the tide seem to be in play, but that is not (I think) the case in the lakes.

Anyway, it seems more or less impossible to predict when they'll be on the move, but one thing I've learned over the years that when nothing is happening, a smaller flash steamer often works better than a big. It's almost as if you can tempt the fly to a snack, not a meal.

So I've been gearing up for some pike-on-the-fly next week the last days, tying flies, tying leaders, checking gear etc, and I'm quite excited :-).


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