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Ronan's report

Thursday May 25, 2006

It's that time again.....

It's still dark as I head down the stairs for the waiting car - in fact it's in the middle of the night It's cold and it's been raining and I shiver a little till I make it to the heated car. There my fishing mate is waiting with a hot cup of coffee and we head off to the coast.

As we arrive at out predetermined spot, we hesitate to get out in to the still cool night to put on waders and jackets and attempt rigging the flyrods in the dark so as to not spoil our night-vision. A red light is much better than a white one, but still it's better to be without.

As I tie on the fly and pack the coffee and the breakfast in a backpack, anticipation begins to overcome the reluctance to wade out thigh deep in cold, dark water. As we approach the reef, we discuss the beginning tactics and begin with fishing the low water prior to wading out. We fish the shallows and the edge of the reef with short, quick casts and lengthen them little by little until we are confident that we won't spook fish as we wade in to position.

As the sun begins to brighten the horizon, the morning midst begin to evaporate, exposing eiders and ducks slowly and trustfully swimming around only 10-12 meters to the left and right of us. As the sun rises, garfish begin to move in and the chances for seatrout are greatly dimished and by the time full daylight has hit, we're back on the beach enjoying fresh rolls from the baker's and hot coffee.

Yes, it's that time again when nightfishing begins, and over the season there's nothing I like better than an early morning on the beach.

And it doesn't end there - as we finish our breakfast, we pack up and head for the river, because it's mayfly time too.....

Have a Merry May :-)



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