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Ronan's report

Monday 23rd September, 2013

Friend and all-round good guy, Chris Dore, from NZ is joining the FP Team this week. He should have been on yesterday but somehow neither Lars or I made the page live! I don't know what Lars was doing, but I was on an adventure.

So welcome Chris!!!

Ten tips for opening in the deep south of NZ

We are all now thinking of October here in southern New Zealand and as the opening of our freshwater fishing season rolls around there is much to consider. The following are a few thoughts for the local, and visiting angler:

  1. Forget the larger 'name' waters early season - the small streams of the south are where it's at. Any stream with a reasonable flow will hold fish. Good fish.
  2. Focus hard on making that first cast count - Despite having a rest over winter, early season trout are still not silly. Chances are, you haven't practised your casting over winter, so cram now and make it happen.
  3. Fluorocarbon for nymphs and co polymer for wee dries. Don't use last season's tippet if you want it to hold. Likewise, check your knots regularly. Chances are you haven't practised these lately either.
  4. A touch of red in the construction of your early season nymphs will imitate the hue often found on invertebrates in our peat stained streams. There are many wise locals in the deep south who swear this makes a difference.
  5. A coloured bead will make your nymph stand out in the drift, and catch the trouts eye in low light and early season flows. Try red, green or emerald blue to avoid the gold beaded missiles every man and his dog are throwing, usually badly. Ensure they're heavy, to get down to the bingo zone, and don't be afraid to incorporate 2 beads into your early season nymphs.
  6. And its not all nymphs either. Look out for mid afternoon mayfly hatches and spinner falls, and get into it quick; they may only last 20 minutes.
  7. 'Film flies' are the new black. Ditch your Dads Favourites and pick up some CDCs - The trout are.
  8. 9' 6wts just aren't cool on spring time small streams. A shorter 5wt will suit much, much better, or for those with the balls, a 7'11 4wt is the duck's nuts. Fish shorter and lighter on the smaller waters. You WILL catch more fish.
  9. Harden up. Wind chill, snow falls, drizzle and sleet are all part of the early season experience here in the south. Only the well equipped will prevail. Soft anglers don't catch fish at home.

Get some!

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