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Ronan's report

Thursdy 14th July, 2011

One of our SL sections is Flyshed, a database of members' exciting flies. I shall get busy and add some flies this week. Register if you want to join in on the fun!

I'm pretty busy with instruction at the moment. Had a cancellation for tomorrow, so if you're interested in a lesson at this week's prices (60GBP/hr) then now is the time to get in touch. Hourly rate increases next week!

I'll be in Hungary later next week, and for the following weekend. If you want to catch up for a fish/cast/Palinka tasting let me know.

The Board is humming. Join if you haven't. And finally our Monthly Snapcast edition - Mayfly 2012 - is almost ready to roll!

Cheers, Paul

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SEXYLOOPS SCHOOLS - Flycasting in England and Hungary. Contact Paul Arden for more info.

Sexyloops on Facebook: Sexyloops on YouTube: www.YouTube/SexyloopsTV. This is Snapcast - our irregular monthly mailshot!

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