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Ronan's report

Sunday January 30th 2011

I was out not-catching grayling on bugs this week. I'm not very good at bugging I'm afraid Ð either my fish locating senses shut down in the cold, or my presentation is no good, or my flies aren't working. That's narrowed it down a bit then.

At least I don't have to worry about any casting faults, a small bonus I suppose. I mean I could be indicator-nymphing, or swinging small wet flies and pondering on whether I'm creeping and if my stop is in the right place. At least it would distract me from the cold and the repetitive plop of the bugs as they hit the water.

The grayling fishing on that part of the river closes this weekend, and the salmon anglers get to come out and play again. A changing of the guard: fresh troops patrolling the banks with 15ft double handers instead of 10ft light trout rods.

There were lots of salmon splashing around this week Ð one fish tail-walked right across a pool I was fishing. Most of these fish are kelts. Some are dark and fungus encrusted, slowly finning past in a trance; soon to be otter foodÉ Others are well-mended and quite bright in colour; the only thing that gives them away is their total lack of belly. These fish stand a chance of making it back to the sea.

There's another shift change here. The kelts running back to sea are passing the baton on to brighter, fatter spring fish heading upstream. I wonder, is there any communication between the two shifts, as they clock in and out?


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