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Ronan's report

Tuesday, 12th May 2009

Sexyloops Mondays now comes to you from a Mac. How unusual is that? Especially on a Tuesday. Yep my laptop died in Scotland and so now it's all happening on a MacBook. You may be wondering why I've crossed over to the Dark Side: it's time brothers.

Of course I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

The weekend was amazing. I mentioned it before, after last year's Scottish meet, when I understood the dynamics of the Board a little better; here we have many people, who can join into any conversation, at any time, from all around the world (and can check what they say before they write - although one or two quite obviously don't, but we wont talk about that) - and here we are, in real life, in Sunny Scotland meeting one another in person, having met and known each other on a virtual daily basis for years. That's pretty amazing in my opinion.

And we're great friends - if you're reading this and you would like to be a part of this amazing group, then all you have to do is join the Board. We throw out the odd tosser.

Anyway, I think we had around 35 of us, from 11 different countries, including some of the best casters in Europe. Lee is amazing at the moment, an outstanding instructor and I always learn from his demos. Without doubt one of the very best I've seen. Yes it's a real privilege to watch you Lee, even if you have crossed over into that girly presentation stuff.

And Stefan, just so precise.. and a giver. That's what it's all about right? No point in dying with that knowledge. And Marc, what can I say man? Brilliant stuff! Can't wait for the next one!

It's fantastic to see outstanding demonstrations - and I'm sure everyone felt the same. But more than that, when you cast together down the tape, or around an obstacle, or for that matter to a fish, you're going to learn something. And that something is usually worth knowing. There are no secrets. So thanks everyone.

Roy, you are completely mad - and I will ring Andy!! Grunde, fascinating stuff, I didn't understand half of it, especially the Sushi bit, but I'm beginning to get the wider picture.

Thanks Ben for helping organise this thing: apart from me most of the others are a pretty disorganised bunch and without you it probably wouldn't have happened; I'd still be at Aberdeen Airport and Tonio lost somewhere in Europe. Fantastic casting by the way, and I was very surprised to see Magnus beat you on the first day.

On Friday prior to kick off, we had the Sexyloops One-Day Course, assisted by Stefan. Not the busiest course I've given but we covered everything. We had a Definitions discussion that evening. Saturday we had casting demos, and a strange-weather Shootout, Grunde presented understanding the Double Haul and Roy invented a fly or five during the evening. On Sunday, conditions were spot on for most of the day and we threw distance again, in a fun shootout, and we finished off the afternoon with some demos.

There was fishing and socialising of course - and a number of the guys fished yesterday and a few are still fishing I believe.

See you all next year! Pics on the Board start from here.

Over to Tonio Tonio. Cheers! Paul

Bad start Happy ending

Ok, so I finished my training at the Moulin de Sauvage a week ago. Drove back home to Normandy for the weekend. I was away for a month and a half. And then I thought, cool on Monday I will be back in Ornans which for me usually means (kind of a holiday time) The barbecue with the school mates was organized the Sunday.

On the way to Ornans (600 ks) Bam, I was caught on speed excess! Bloody hell I don't know how it's working for you guys but in France it's difficult not to be caught. I will say if you don't have a speed limiting option, and you go from north to south, you have 50% of chances to get an expensive picture! When I first passed my licence, I had 12 points, and well now I've got 2 left. I must take a two day's course to get back 4 points and that will cost me 245 euros + the price of the ticket. Really a great start for the week! Anyway back in Ornans, first thing, a quick look at the river. Wooo, I've never seen it like that, low and almost drinkable on sight.

But what I didn't know is that we had to work on a training report. The subject was analyse the guiding days I had. Normally a few days of work. I was supposed to go to the Scottish meet during the weekend. So I had 3 days of work but during this 3 days we were half time doing something else. So to conclude this: no time for fishing again! I chose to work on my duties and get ready for my flight.

Wednesday night the report was done, cool. I looked at my e ticket that I bought 2 month ago and I was sure that my plane was on Thursday morning. I drove to Geneva, the nearest airport from here (2H). Went to the check in machine to register my luggage, and not possible to check in. mm Bizarre, went to see why at the human check in, and she said:
"I'm sorry sir, you flight is tomorrow."
(Here is the moment where you imagine my face).
So, no I didn't miss my flight. No, no, no, I just drove 4 hours for nothing. And what's incredible is that Ben who was supposed to pick me up at the airport (I send him my e ticket previously) came to the airport the same day. Amazing. (Sorry Ben)
Finally two days of travel to get there (2 and a half with my mistake!)
The balance: One day casting, 3 hours of fishing, hanging out with mates, a really good comfortable place to sleep at Ben's place in the corridor! All inclusive 450 euros. That's not what I call I cheap trip, but its worthing every penny. Meeting part of "the Sexyloops pro casting team"
Bad start but happy ending

PS: Rich Rich wherefore were you!
Cheers guys, Tonio

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