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How to embarrass yourself in a casting competition!


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Ronan's report

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Lessons learned the hard way...

1 - Be confident that you can cast 130 ft. in competition even though you've never thrown that far in practice.

2 - Know that carrying 5 ft. more line than you normally can carry will result in 5 ft. more distance!

3 - Throw considerably harder than ever before, more is always better!

5 - Shoot a lot of line into your last backcast even though you don't practice doing that.

6 - Listen to advice given by your competitors, especially Paul!

7 - Assume your gear, especially line/leader, is in good shape, it was when you put it away after your last practice session 5 weeks ago, right?

8 - Remember that practice casting just before the competition just wastes your energy!

9 - Being badly hung over will cause you to be loose...

Follow this advice and distance casts of 57, 73, 68, and 87 ft. are in your future!

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