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Ronan's report

Tuesday 23nd December, 2008

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So happy Christmas to you people!

I've been talking to Father Christmas recently, you know the usual annual discussion. And we' ve decided that, euh, no he decided that I was wishing too much of a big present! He said “hey Tonio there is so many people to look for... and you know, you're a big boy” (yeah I know, I m not big and tall) but that's Christmas FFS! “So you won't be having anything this year!” (Oh! he broke my heart.) “If you doing well at school” he says, “will think about it next year.” Well I' ve already been thinking about that!

Apparently as I can not be sure of Santa Claus graces, I've made myself one of those presents every one would like for Christmas: NZ trip next November! Yeah bring it on baby!

This kind of trip is like a magnet to me. Since I firstly get there something is pushing me back and back! Because that's just an amazing fishing destination.

But, I' m not anymore in the same situation I was before taking this course: I need to think work! ( I usually try not to but things are changing), I need to think about places where I could learn new waters, eventually new fish, seasonable changes, new fish behaviours,…..and much more and then be able to guide and try to make a living. Fuck, the more I go through, the more it s looking difficult.

I will end the course in early July, hopefully find a spot to get a few months of work done and then, only then, think about my personal fishing pleasure.

Too hard!

Cheers, Tonio
And happy celebrations!

PS :More on the French guiding course when I' ll be back there!
Now it's time for home school work, I'll be taking the firsts exams in January.

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