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Ronan's report

Sunday August 11th

Long time no front page by me as I am a little busy right now.

First of all my second son was born 2 weeks ago. He is name is not Paul of course (why would we do something like that to an innocent child?), but Theodore Nimrod. According to the hungarian mythology, Nimrod was the father of Hunor and Magor, the brothers who were the forefathers of the Huns and the Hungarians (Magyarok). Theo comes from a favorite book of mine. Maybe the kid will hate us for that, but he can change his name when he will be 18.

I also sold my Toyota Hilux last week to start a Defender adventure again. The Defender is my childhood dream car, I had one before the Hilux, but I sold it as I thought a man does not need two pointless things in his life: fly fishing AND Land Rovers. Well, it seems I will fulfill my dream a second time. I convinced my wife with an analogy between fishing and cars: fishing with a spinning rod/driving a Toyota is clever, effective and safe. Fishing with the fly/drive a Defender is much more fun though...

I managed to fish a couple of hours last Tuesday on the Danube. I caught 2 asps, a small and a mid sized fish (hey Paul, would make a great season for you, wouldn't it?) and I got the stupidest comment I have ever heard while fishing. Two highly intelligent spin fishermen were watching me as I swinged the fly to the hot spot. When the asp hit the fly one of them said: off, the f.cking fish f.cked the f.cking thing!

??? Hungarians are pretty foul-mouthed but this was really a bit weird. To impress them I haven't made pictures, so pic of the day is some old photo of a chub that has nothing to do with this front page.


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