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Ronan's report

Monday May 29, 2006

So far on this Supa Nova Scotia trip we've caught seven species of fish: brook char, rainbow trout, brown trout, several Supa Novas, a sandeel (Dave caught that), one perch and one roach.

We've left the mainland - in fact we may actually have left Canada - and are on Cape Breton island, where Dave has many secret spots.

We've also hooked up with one a Dave's friends, Bernie, who has a few secret spots of his own - the lake last night was a big secret in fact - and it will probably remain so for quite some time. I know I won't be letting it out the bag - Note to Bernie: you can trust me on this one.

It's Sunday when I'm writing this, which of course means Dave's at church. It's a day of rest and contemplation for him, and he sure needs it after this past week. It's hard to believe we caught so many fish - and as Dave pointed out a few days ago: since last year, our average size of trout has doubled!!.

Quite remarkable.


PS: sorry for the lack of random links - I'm working through GPRS - if you are new here, then well done - you've made it. Check out our Contents Page as well as The Board.

PPS: I'm thinking of sacking God... what do you think? Will he strike me down? I'm a pretty fast runner. And the last time I heard he was a pretty bad shot.

Who should I invite to take God's place? Jesus? The Virgin Mary? Maryln Monroe? Hitler?

Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Or we could just ask Bob. Bob: do you have a fetish for jackboots?

Dear God,
Thank you very much for your time devoted to Sexyloops, the last few months your pages have been pretty crappy. Could you now please write for Dan Blanton?
PS if it doesn't work out with Bob, Hitler or whoever else I can rope in - you got the job back, no sweat.

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