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Ronan's report

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Sometimes, it seems like awfully slim pickin’s, even by steelhead standards.

At least someone from the group fishing the river every day.

Competent and confident anglers. Some quite experienced, at least one still new. All still learning.

And fishing.

At dawn.

At dusk.

Sometimes from one to the other.

Making excellent presentations.

And making not-so-excellent presentations.

Complaining for no good reason.

You could be working!

Did I mention that sometimes it seems like awfully slim pickin’s, even by steelhead standards?

Finally, the long skunk is broken one gray and drizzly morning.

By the newbie.

Her first from the river, and a beautiful wild fish.

Proof that a steelhead was there and that everything was being done correctly all along.

And fitting that the one with the most faith and patience was rewarded.

Take Care and Fish On,

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