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Ronan's report

Saturday November 7th 2009

I had a feeling, but I am surprised - I asked last week about how many rods you own and I got 31 replies here stating a number of rods.

31 Sexyloopers who all together own 365 flyrods, which is an average of 11,78 rods/Sexylooper. It could be interesting to do some math on which weight is most popular, and I might do that too later, when (and if) a few more have replied.

A quick glance into the corner where I keep my rods reveal 13 rods out of which 3 are not my own. My own rods count 4 4-wts, 1 5-wt, 2 6-wts, 1 8-wt, 1 DH 8-wt, 1 DH 9-wt and 1 DH 10-11-wt. I'd say there's a reason for all of them except maybe one or two of the 4-wts out of which at least one was bought in panick, when the TCR was discontinued.

The real average might be a little higher as a few of you have stated "20+" flyrods, and I've counted them as twenty.

My own rods reflect more than anything the fact that I fish trout and grayling, salmon and seatrout in the rivers, salmon in Norway, salty seatrout and pike.

So, what say you - shall we talk about reels and lines too? :-)

Have a great weekend all of you!


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