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Ronan's report

Thursday 13th June, 2013

It is 11.30 AM and I am already sick of working. However, for the sake of keeping my staffs' morale high, I have to keep on working or at least pretending to be working on my notebook. So I took this opportunity to make myself an ultimate fool proof jungle trip checklist. Making a checklist is more difficult than it seems. Careful calculations and thoughts were made on each item to ensure the list is fool proof which is apt for this moment because all the deep breathing and eyebrows narrowing are making me looked like I was in deep thoughts on planning a salary raise. Anyway, here is my checklist and for comparison I also included what I think my guide's checklist would look like.


  • A pair of Bermuda shorts
  • A pair of quick dry long pants
  • Two pair of boxers
  • A pair socks
  • A pair of spandex shorts
  • Two quick dry Columbia shirts
  • Two quick dry T shirts
  • A pair of soft cotton shorts (for sleeping)
  • A pair of sun gloves
  • Bandanas or balaclava or Buff
  • Polarised sun glasses
  • Back up glasses
  • Toiletries (Multiwash shampoo and dental care)
  • First aid kit (including immodium tabs, paracetamol tabs, antihistamine tabs, antiseptic lotions, hydrocortisone cream and antifungal powder)
  • Insect and leech repellent (OFF DEET, Mosi-Guard Spray or permethrin)
  • Waterproof camcorders or GoPro Hero
  • Handheld GPS
  • LED head lamp
  • 200 lumen torch light
  • 90 lumen tilt torch light (back up)
  • LED camp light
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Solar charger (Many AA and AAA rechargeable batteries)
  • Fire starter pack (lighter, flint and tinder)
  • Parang (machete) 13" or 15"
  • Skinning knife (with gut hook)
  • Serrated foldable knife (good for cleaning weeds caught on boat propeller)
  • Utility knife (Syderco Native or such)
  • High power firecrackers (good for keeping unwanted wildlife away - sound and after that the smell)
  • Tent or hammock
  • Fly sheet or tarp
  • Thermarest
  • Cooking kit (Burner, Gas, Mess Tins, Cutlery)
  • Water kit (Camelbak, purifier tabs and purifier squeeze bottle)
  • Meal Ready to Eat (MREs) and dried chillies
  • Assorted dry food Ð oat, raisins, nuts and energy bars etc.
  • Assorted fly (Poppers, Gurglers, Clouser, Buggers and some large nymphs and dry fly)
  • One 6wt rod
  • One 8wt rod
  • Two large arbor reels
  • Two 6wt lines (intermediate and floating)
  • Two 8wt lines (fast sinking and floating)
  • 50lb, 30lb, 20lb, 12lb and 8lb fluorocarbon leaders
  • 30lb and 40lb soft wire leader
  • Bent nose plier and wire cutter
  • Landing net
  • Boat
  • Outboard
  • Oars
  • Gas Tank and 2T oil
  • PFD and rearm kit
  • Outboard repair kit (multi tools, spare prop pins and spark plugs)
  • Rubber mats (tinnies can be very hot under the sun)
  • At least two 12V batteries (50Ah) plus charger or/and 12v-220v inverter
  • 30lb thrust electric motor
  • Ropes/paracords and bungee cords
  • Optional: 2 crates of single malt


  • One 18" parang (machete)
  • A pound of salt
  • The ability to find a lot of rattan and bamboo
  • Optional: An additional Black Sabbath T-shirt donated by some baby boomer Harley Davidson gangs used to boost their own self-esteem.

I think my guide's checklist is over simplified.


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