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Ronan's report

Monday 24th February, 2014

So the good news is that I haven't destroyed yet another truck. I know that this will come as a huge surprise to all of you. Yes, the engine has been rebuilt, following the Great Gerik Hill Disaster, but because I am a careful owner, it wasn't the disaster it might have been, and the medics have managed to save Squeaker.

This is of course fantastic news, because today will see me back in the Belum Rainforests and the fishing starts again! It's been quite a trip so far, and I've only actually fished Snakehead for two days and failed to hook up on either. And then Squeaker and my MacBook both blew up.

However not all has been lost, I fished Nick's pond for Pacu (caught small ones) and Ti's favourite Saltwater Lagoon twice, and on both occasions I caught nothing, because even in stock ponds Saltwater Flyfishing turns out to be imaginary.

On Friday we had the Sexyloops Friday Fly-Off, where the rules were to tie a fly that looks like a Polar Bear (Although Magnus H seems to have managed to overlook this particular rule, and tied a Sedge instead). Being one of the entrants I felt it would be unfair to judge, which turns out to have been my only mistake, because I opened up the voting to the readers of our Sexyloops Facebook page and they voted almost unanimously for Lasse's "fly".

So congratulations Lasse!!! I shall be posting you a Thunderbolt Lumi-line and a sock. (I'd already agreed to send Lasse the Lumi-line and I actually promised not to send him the sock, however I know he'll appreciate both).

I do find small comfort in this comment: "I like the highly skilled labor and the impressionistic fush catching triggers of [my fly]" - No one has ever said that about any of my flies before!

Have a great day! This is Snakehead Week!

Cheers, Paul

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