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Ronan's report

Wednesday 14th September, 2011

As the leaves begin to turn yellow, red and orange the air fills with the thick smell of autumn. The wheat field’s surrounding the river lay cropped with a crew cut. The nights are drawing in, birds are flying south and summer is but a distant memory......

But screw all that, Im going to leave winter to do its thing. It’s my last week at work before the big trip to NZ!!

Im looking forward to another summer and I'm pretty sure my pasty white english tan could do with a top up. Theres lots planned but nothing set in stone, except of course the Sexyloops meet which should be great! Part of the attraction for me is being able to jump in the car and head off into the unknown. Having the time to take it all in and stop where and when i want and cast a fly into any interesting water i might pass...

I plan on buying a vehicle when i get there, maybe a 4x4 if i can afford it as i figure “Manshit” adventures are harder to come by in a 4 door saloon…

My brother who lives in NZ tried out an idea on me at the weekend. He suggested going halves on a better/newer Toyota and figured that he could use it when i get back to the UK. He's always wanted a Hilux but could never justify owning one especially now he's his new daughter. As he was explaining his idea i had images of Paul casting lumi lines from the roof while the massive log fire was melting the bumpers off. With the assumption that my brother would frown upon such activities i swiftly declined his offer and decided to go it alone!!

From autumn to spring in one flight, my dream is becoming a reality…


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