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Ronan's report

Monday 29th December, 2008

Here are my resolutions for the forthcoming and exciting year of 2009:

  1. Fish more - at least 300 days next year - bit of a fuckup this year, especially early on when I needed mechanical drills to get to the fish.
  2. Eat more fruit (surprise entry there, but important to have at least one resolution dedicated to health, and Palinka is made of fruit)
  3. Have sex more than once per day, because good sex is almost as important as big fish
  4. This is Sexyloops
  5. Tie 10 new flies every day on top of losses
  6. Do at least three Ironman competitions, FFS
  7. Grow a beard like ZZ Top - that's not going to happen, probably.

It's been a pretty busy week here, including two totally crap fishing days - yesterday and the day before... that's it, I'm only fishing nights from now on. Fish are eating at night and sleeping during the day, so it's time for me to do the same. Hair gave me some Tassie surface flies for night fishing, which you can see as part of today's POD. I had some excellent fishing last week, including 15 out of an all-night session fishing the lake margins. Awesome stuff and very interesting fishing shallow water in the dark with muddlers.

Christmas was great, there were around 15 of us, including a couple of random people, we had a present swap, a huge bonfire, a late night mystery hunt for two missing anglers, a Christmas dinner led by Bronwyn and Babus, and some pretty impressive casting. Christian gave me an amazing cane rod, erm in a pink rod sock. I don't know what that says about Christian. Hair gave me a tit for my birthday.

So it's been great, lots of fun, good friends and an area I haven't fished too often - Reefton has certainly some of the most beautiful rivers I've seen, and for once the sandflies are not horrendous (no idea why, and they don't seem to bother Babus at all for some reason, which is very weird).

The truck is in repair - don't ask. Hopefully we'll be back on the road today, although I'm not convinced the mechanic knows his shit, and he may be stoned. Assuming we're out of here today then we're off to Kaikoura. Not much in the way of fishing there, apart from some possible salt action, and of course the mouth of the Clarence which is sometimes worth a quick look, but we will dive, fish a couple of inland spots and celebrate New Years in the Strawberry Tree.

We have a few courses lined up, both Beginners as well as the One-Day Intermediates and Beyond. Details to be posted tomorrow. Oh and I'll be in Denmark for the Fly Festival, so that's another imaginary Saltfly mission planned.


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