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Ronan's report

Wednesday 02 July, 2014

Last week I told you to be on the run back into some serious fishing after three weeks of pure fly casting. Indeed I had a fantastic week fly fishing and fly casting together with Marina. Marina just started to learn fly fishing and so we switched between fly casting and fly fishing every day.

We fished for pike, perch, pike perch, Brown trout and mullet. Sharing the moment of catching a very first fish on fly rod is and always was very emotional to me. And so it was to 99% of all those sharing these their moments with me! Marina and I fished different waters. We fished the harbour in my hometown (which isn't my hometown really since am usually no more than 30 days home per year) for pike, pike perch and perch. I managed to hooke up with quite a serious pike but lost it in the end. Then we fished my favorite (gin clear water) lake for (in 2cm size stocked) Brown trout and Rainbow trout. And in the end we also fished a day for mullet.

Best fish of the week was Marina's first fish on fly rod, a nice Rainbow trout. Watching her catching that fish threw me back into a whole lot of memories around me catching my first fish on fly rod long time ago. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great time with me, Marina! Hope to repeat many times in the future!!!

After all fly casting is fantastic to me, but fishing is even better for sure! Anyway I also kept training my 5wt. MED (Mastery Extreme Distance 5wt. 120 feet competition fly line) distance and managed to hit 120+ feet casts in most sessions now. Having slight to medium tailwind that was. Yet I topped out at 128 feet. Having medium tail wind that was. Casting in windless conditions the MED still is a BEAST (hard to reach the end of the line) for me. Probably I should but I sure do not like this beast yet! :)

In August we will have the next world championships in fly casting in Norway and I will see how it will go. At least this time I found some time to have some training sessions. Looking forward to meet all you fine casting geeks again!

Of course I also kept training my Svirolato since this will be another disziplin I will beat Paul in during our next shootout. ;) Quite a difficult cast when training to put the fluff into a small ring after curving it 90° around a cone. But this is the only way to me to make it a fishable (seriously effective) cast! Without being able to hit the target most casts in my opionion are much less effective than a simple straight lay down often is. Yes, it (the straight lay down) may offer a pretty short drift, but in the right spot mostly.

Today I will have to organize some stuff around the Fishing Masters Show. It will be held next to Oldenburg in Germany during this weekend. Me and Alex will present fly fishing as will Rudy van Duijnhoven.

I wish all of you to be involved in some fly fishing stuff as well! ;)

All my best


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