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Ronan's report

Tuesday 03 February, 2015

There are many threads on the Sexyloops board and many opinions online about the best types of watercraft for fly fishing. It seems, certainly here in the west, that eventually you reach a time when you "need" a boat to experience the great fishing out here. Sure, there is enough wading fishing for a lifetime, but floats down the Bow or Missouri, fishing weed edges for pike, or just accessing new spots on familiar waters.

I am woefully inexperienced with boats, despite my years of experience working for an agency with the words Fish and Ocean in its title and having a group titled "Coast Guard" in the same department. I can paddle a canoe, kayak, and now paddleboard, but I still have reservations in a larger boat. Last year's experience of rowing in a windy Montana blizzard demonstrate that I need some learning.

With limited access to rivers, how does somebody learn to row? Lake's are easier, but you don't get to deal with currents and putting anglers on fish. Is learning by doing the best way? Is there a best type of boat to learn on? Or is it just hop in a boat with somebody experienced and learn by fire?

Thinking of denting a friend's boat,

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