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Ronan's report

Monday May 22, 2006

I'm going into a black hole. It's not really my fault (for once) but my datacard is locked (despite buying it outright) and so I've blasted off a quick communication with New Zealand to hopefully free it up. Otherwise I'll have no connection for the next nine days..
Of course this is completely impossible and I'll have to buy another.

Currently I can't send emails although I can receive them - it's always interesting getting online..

DCDave has done a brilliant job of looking after the truck - despite renaming it "Grimace" - for one thing he's turned the front windscreen into a large Silicone Smelt after finding six inches of water in the passenger footwell. And he's also managed to stick my mirror back in place. Note well Deano. No doubt in an attempt to outdo DCDave the Red Herring will be fully reconditioned by the time I arrive back in New Zealand. It may even have a new paintjob.

[Quick note for Deano: we are working on it and within the next week or two we'll be live. It's going to be great.]

This week DCDave and I will be fishing northern Nova Scotia. We'll be fishing for trout of all sorts, stripers and of course flatfish. I've been looking forward to getting back outdoors again, lighting fires, cooking potatoes, wet wading and all those other fun things we do and call Manshit.

Dave assures me the fishing will be better than last time. Last time it wasn't particularly good and Dave took us to all the wrong spots. This time however, he promises to take me to all the good spots - even a few secret ones - now that he knows I can be trusted. We both know he really knows where the big fish are and that last time he was just playing a little game with you readers. A bit like the little game he played with me when he sent me his Dead Caddises all those years ago. Of course back then he didn't know I'd find a use for them.

Anyway, that's the plan. And it's a good one. We may even do some Imaginary Saltfly - they have 40ft tides here, highest of anywhere in the world - and that means good fishing of course - according to Dave who's our local Sexyloops guru.

Incidentally: Mum, I've been eating three good meals a day and if ever I get married, she or they will be just like Gina. Even Ronan's beans and potatoes are not a patch on Gina's cooking. So there you go Ronan; the marriage is off.

Have great week - I have no idea who's in charge, even when it's me sometimes.

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