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Ronan's report

Tuesday 14th April, 2009

This week Nicolas and I organised two days of fishing animations. We had a publication in a newspaper the previous week, explaining that we were available to every kid and adult who were interested in learning to fish. Last Tuesday in the morning I gave my first lesson to Akim, a total beginner to fly casting, Rasta man in his forties, good student, very interested, no memory muscle..., a pleasure for me as a teacher. We went thought the classics.

And Daniel, retired. He most of the time fishes for pike with live bait and likes to had a go fly fishing in summer when the water is lower and trout are rising all over! It was much harder for me to transmit to him something on casting. He said he understood what I was demonstrating but when comes his turn he makes his old school casting style again and again. I've got the feeling he didn't wanted to change anything. It was hard for him to keep going dong the same exercise.

Anyway, it's interesting to face different personalities while teaching. I had an other lesson with Akim on the water on Friday; he wanted to know about the fishing tactics. He now appreciates even more the open vision of the possibilities given by fly fishing. That's cool I'm glad, and I hope he will keep on going.

Last Tuesday in the afternoon we had six kids coming. We introduced them to bait fishing in a pond. We had some luck with the weather, but not with the fish! Damn it; they were in the middle of the pond and not accessible to the kids. At the end of the day they were all happy, even with no real action. Great moment!

Friday afternoon back with the same group, but this time we brought casting rods, and the kid manage to reach them! Yeah baby, bring it on! 4 out of the 6 landed fish! Mission was accomplished! I do like the job; it's pleasant.

Another week like this one coming and I 'll be back at “the Moulin the sauvage” for another 2 weeks of training.

Cheers, Tonio

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