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Ronan's report

Thursday January 3rd, 2007

Lots of things come to mind as the New Year starts. My dance card is full, meaning I have filled the year with fishing trips all the way till October. Of course I haven't shown my calender to my wife yet. No worries there though just means she'll have to work more, to pay for it. Over here I'm going to sucker Peter into a trip to Africa.

Here in Michigan we have winter. Of course it's not as interesting as Paul's winter. I've had to plow out the drive way. A special Canvasback Duck season opens now for a few days. There are a lot around. But not as many as in the past. We layout shoot here.

I'll be tying flies for the swap and flies for the box. Some tile work for the wife. Brownie points of course. I get 4 days off after working 3 out of 5 days so I'll be Steelhead fishing. I'm using two handed rods exclusively now. I need to work the beer thing out though. Steelhead and nothing else will be my focus till May. Matt doesn't think fish that run into freshwater lakes are Steelhead. I do. There is a 28 lbs fish in Ray Schmidt's shop. It came from Lake Michigan. I've caught them in the PNW, in Michigan and in Pennsylvania. They all seem the same. Pissed off.

So for this year let's hear your plans. Do a big trip. Let us know how it goes. Go meet up with Loopers. Have a little fucking fun. Most of these guys are all right. The FFF conclave is attended by Loopers. Go take a class from someone that posts here or someone that doesn't. Meet some people. The thing about this place is people fish. Get your fish on. Of course if you're a wanker go stay with Lars. Let me know how you do. Of course, I'll be taking my snowboard on the steelhead trips. Of course Paul will be having more fun. Ice fishing of course. I've had a fantastic year. How did you do? It's also Fire season. Watch the candles and fireplace. Be safe and have a great New Year.


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