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Ronan's report

Monday 25th August, 2008

Sorry about the same page appearing for two days in a row; it was pretty late when I noticed Bob was missing and I was too knackered to do anything about it - apart from ask a few guys to look out for it - and that's because I've just completed my first Ironman!

And what a hard event that is... it took me 13hr40 to swim 3.8K, bike 180K and then run a marathon - 42K. I found it all hard, especially 10K into the marathon. But I feel pretty good having completed it, and with more practise I can go quicker. I find it very difficult to eat and run, but I'm going to teach my body to do this. I'm not entirely sure I remember having fun at any particular point, but somehow I still think I had a good time. Maybe that's how it is.

So anyway, this week we finally have last week's promised Lumiline Vortex! It's about a flyline that will give you hours and hours of fun, and make you a better caster. We're shipping them through our Canadian partner, Go Wyld.

What else? Ronan arrives today with his girlfriend Anna, and we'll be Asp fishing on Lake Balaton for this week - so you can expect Asp to appear at the bottom of this page at any time and without warning. And the following week I fly to Canada where I'll be giving a course with Walter in Alberta (see Go Wyld for details) and then I'll be fishing with Daniel and Stoatstail.

Finally: we have an auction taking place on the Board. Chris Dore is auctioning himself for day's guiding in New Zealand and Viking Lars has some special (and possibly magic) tube flies up for grabs. Put a bid in! All proceeds go to Koru Care, an amazing charity who take NZ children with cancer and disabilities on a holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland. Auction ends midnight Friday, 29th!

Have a great week - more excitement tomorrow!


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