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Intro: The beginner's section introduction

Overhead Cast

How it works: How flyfishing works
Starting out: Assembling the tackle
The overhead cast: The overhead cast as taught for a complete beginner
Faults!: Basic overhead casting faults
Loops: The forming of casting loops and false casting
Shooting line: Shooting line and casting a little bit further
Overhead detailed: Some overhead casting related question and answers
Review: Review of overhead cast [Versión en español]
The line hand: Line control with the when flycasting
Molehills: Studying Steve's overhead cast - includes video

Dealing with the wind

Cross wind: Flycasting over your other shoulder – dealing with a cross wind  Español
More flex: Casting further with the simple pick up and lay down cast
Headwinds: Flycasting into a headwind - includes video [Versión en español]
Faults: Headwind faults
Tailing winds: Casting with a tailing wind
Tailing winds 2: Tailing winds part two

The Roll Cast

The Roll Cast: The Roll cast as taught for a complete beginner
Faults: Basic roll casting faults
Sequence: Using the roll cast as part of a casting sequence


Snags: Freeing your fly from snags
AFTM: The AFTM Table and its implications
Fly lines: The fly line and its role in casting [Versión en español]
Suitable Tackle: Basic rod choices revolving around the fly size

Double Haul

Double Haul Basic: Pantomime teaching the double haul
Double Haul Distance: Timing for longer casts
Double Haul Stealth: Using short hauls

Intermediates and beyond

The Manual: Introduction to the Flycasting Manual  
Stroke analysis: The introduction to the Dirty Harry Series

Overhead Cast - Basics

Basics: Basic principles behind flycasting and the overhead cast  Español
Directions: Changing direction  Español
Flex: Rod flex and the stop – includes video and animated gif
Less Power!: Minimum power in flycasting - includes videos
Maximum Arc: Advice on maximum power and the straight line path
Going further: Basic principles and casting further  Español
Loops: Loop shape  Español
Rod Angles: Different loop shapes and the 90-90 position
Powersnap: Powersnap and the abrupt stop  Español
The Slip: The "Slip" component of the overhead (and roll) cast - includes animated gif

Overhead Cast - Styles

Multiple Styles: The different styles of flycasting  Español
Casting Stokes: Analysis of different casting styles
Dirty Harry: Analysing the pulling stoke
Angle of the Pull: Directional analysis of the pulling stroke – includes videos
Casting Points: Technical advice on different styles
Flip-flop: Advice on my personal choice of flycasting style

Overhead Cast - Grip

The Grip: Fly rod grip  Español
Get a grip: Using the palm forward grip for increased stop control – includes videos

Overhead Cast - The backcast and drifting

Shooting line: Shooting line after the stop  Español
Drift: Fly rod drift  Español
Extended drift: Extending the drift and its uses – includes video and animated gif
Backcast: The importance of a good backcast   Español
Drifting article: Comprehensive drifting article
Drifting advice: Advice on the drift - includes video

Overhead Cast - Hauling and Distance

Hauling for the hell of it: How hauling really works
Hauling: Hauling with the line hand  Español
Double haul: The Double Haul article - includes video and animated gif
Double Trouble: The Double-Haul and rod flex – includes animated gif and video
Tournament style: Ian Walker and the Tournament Cast – includes video and animated gif
Oddball: A flycasting break-through - includes video and a ladder
Back shoot: The backcast shoot  Español
Overhang: Overhang and the Weight-Forward  Español
Sexyloops: Sexyloops Flycasting article
Sliding Load: Slipping line during the stroke
Distance1: Distance casting and the double haul advice section 1
Distance 2: Distance casting and the double haul advice section 2
Distance 3: Distance casting and the double haul advice section 3

Overhead Cast - The wind

Cross wind: Casting across the wind  Español
Headwind: Casting into a head wind  Español
Tailing wind: Casting with a tailing wind  Español
Tailing wind advice: Comprehensive and technical tailing wind advice

Overhead Cast - Overhead variations

Side cast: The Side Cast  Español
Pendulum: The Pendulum Cast (upside-down loop)  Español
Belgian: The Belgian Cast (sidearm backcast/overhead forward cast)  Español
Lifts: Different lift variations - includes videos  Español

The Roll Cast

Roll cast: The basics - includes video  Español
Variations: Roll Cast variations and styles  Español
Backhand: Roll Casting off the wrong shoulder
Winds: Roll casting with and against the wind  Español
Dynamic: The Dynamic Roll/Switch Cast/Jump Roll
Switch: The Switch Cast - includes video and animated gif

Spey Casting

Overview: Overview of Spey Casts
DS RHS: Double Spey - right shoulder  Español
DS LHS: Double Spey - left shoulder. Feeding line into the D-loop  Español
SS RHS: Single Spey - right shoulder
SS LHS: Single Spey - left shoulder. Casting further with the SS – hauling and pointy D-loops. Using weighted flies and sinking lines  Español
Spey fishing: Fishing with the Spey Casts
Switch: Another cast going under the heading Switch Cast
Snake Roll: The Snake Roll

Presentation Casts

Tuck Use: of presentation casts and the Tuck Cast
Wiggle: The wriggle cast and variations
Circular Wiggle: Wriggle Cast with serpentines
Puddles: The Puddle Cast
Parachutes: The Parachute Cast
Reaching: The Reach Cast
Mends: Mending Line
Curving: The Curved Cast
Collapse Cast: Landing heavy flies with leader slack

Useful variations and tricks

Bow/Arrow: The Bow and Arrow Cast
Steeple: The Steeple Cast (vertical back cast)
Tension: The Tension Cast
Rotating thumb: The Galway Cast
Snap!: Snap Cast and its various applications
Twist up: Untwisting line twist
Visualisation: Flycasting and visualisation


Rods: Sexyrod article
Shooting taper: Shooting heads
Eye of the needle: Leader/line connections
Loops and lines: Line profiles and loop shapes discussions involving Michael Evans, Simon Gawesworth and Bruce Richards among others.



Intro: Introduction to the section
APGAI: What does the AAPGAI stand for? Who are these flyfishing dudes?
Syllabus: Working through the beginning of the AAPGAI syllabus – assembling tackle through to working line out
Syllabus 2: The syllabus part two
Basics: Basic casting understanding - overhead cast and variations
Casting knowledge 1: How are loops formed? What causes tight loops/open loops/tailing loops?
Casting knowledge 2: What is the correct hand movement? Teaching without a clock. How does flycasting work? Why is the fly line so thick? How long is your leader?
Casting knowledge 3: How does double hauling work? What is the timing of the double haul? Casting across the wind.
Casting knowledge 4: Casting with a tailing wind. How do you get a low backcast?
Casting knowledge 5: Rods and loop. AFTM system. Grip variations.
Penny Drop: The physics of the overhead cast. Double hauling again. Rods and loops. Casting arc. Rod flex. High backcast. Drifting. Rod loading.
Rolls: The Roll Cast and its uses. D-loops and power application. Minimum drag techniques. Switch Cast. Casting into the wind.

Here is some information on the AAPGAI syllabus:
Trout, Salmon and Flytying

EFFF – Masters

The test requirements
EFFF Theory part 1
EFFF Theory part 2
EFFF Theory part 3
EFFF Theory part 4

Movie Section

Paul Cast: Drifting and pulling technique
Behind view
Below view
Dirty Harry: Side view
Drift and side view
Into the wind: Instruction
Rotation: The elbow and the roll cast
Sequence: Rolling into an overhead cast
Minimum Power Shows the amount of power really needed - Side View Minimum Power Shows the amount of power really needed - Rear View Minimum Power Shows the amount of power really needed - Front View Long Switch Cast

Technical stuff

The Analyzer

Bruce Richards and Noel Perkins' Analyzer:
The Analyzer

Fault diagnosis

Tailing Loops - one of the best pages on Sexyloops [Versión en español]
Tailing Loops part 2 - frame by frame tailing loop sequence [Versión en español]


This is some of the physics of flycasting:
Fly Line Freefall
Loop Dynamics

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