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Analysis of a stroke

As I write this I'm consciously aware that the inclusion of this page signifies the start of something new within the flycasting section: namely dynamism.

Although the original flycasting section was written three years ago, the actual content has changed very little in that time. When Steve joined Sexyloops eighteen months ago, one of the first things he did was to change that section around a bit and break it down from eight pages into fifty, and include printer friendly pages. Asides from this it has remained fairly static, even although it has been the hub of the site for a long time.

In many ways we feel that other sections have taken shape and the flycasting section has been shadowed by their evolvement. Most of Sexyloops is now dynamic; The Flow, The Discovery and The Experience all change and evolve. We are looking to take the whole site into this arena.

Steve has been learning Flash and we've been making videos of my casting stroke for the last 10 months. Now is the time to breathe life into the words that make up the flycasting section.

As we experiment with movies, flash and animation we are creating new and exciting content with which we are going to develop in these pages. We hope you enjoy it :-)