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Analysis of a stroke

When Steve asked me for a video of the pick-up and lay-down cast (and let's face it; that's a great term isn't it?) and told me that he had something in mind, I thought "hmm, this could be interesting". I know Steve well enough by now, to know that when he get's an idea it's going to be good one.

The fact that the results of this (and the stuff you haven't seen yet) now requires the opening of a whole new area of sexyloops development comes as no surpirse to me.

So what we are going to do here is the "analysis of a stroke". We are going to take movies to pieces, chop them up, put them back together, add funny drawings, some subliminal advertising and do lots of other clever things to them. Actually I lie, Steve is going to do this and I'm going to write about them :-)

This is the start…

the backstrokethe forward stroke

"Dirty Harry"

There is an awful lot of information contained within these two images (and we will shortly be delving deeply into this) however I should like to start out by drawing your attention to the direction of movement of both the hand and elbow. The emphasis being very much on a fluid upwards/downwards movement.

Note well the final position of the hand on the backcast image is not the point when the "stop" is made, rather it is the position after the drift. The hand position prior to this is the "stop".

On the forward cast note how the rod angle changes very little in the first three positions and then the rapid acceleration to the stop in the fourth postion, followed by a slow follow through. The follow through actually took as long as the rest of the cast!

Something different... :-)

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