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In the Fly Casting Manual I discussed the possibility of making wiggle casts by drawing circles with the rod tip as opposed to "waggling" it from side to side. "What is he talking about?"

Carlos Azpilicueta, friend of Chris from Denmark or Bust, obviously an excellent caster and one of the CNL members whom I'll be meeting with in Spain, well known (although perhaps not as well known as he should be) for setting "the very little known world of the slack line casts to J.S.Bach" has recently emailed me:

"Hi Paul, I found a useful application for the serpentines made in circles instead of wrist flexions: They are more easily positioned at one side of the imaginary straight line between caster and fly. When casting across stream it makes more sense to me to place all the serpentines upstream of that line. I attach photograph. Thatīs me. Nice to meet you Paul :)))

Carlos is dead right and I look forward to us drinking red wine and throwing flyrods around together in Spain :-)

Carlos demonstrates the use of circles when making serpentines

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