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Paul's 5-weight distance

This is live, hold the front page, explosive distance flycasting. In fact I haven't even had a chance to go through all this afternoon's video footage yet, however I'm posting this here and now because (a) it shows the transformation required from Flip-flop casting to Hang-on to-your-Shorts Distance casting and (b) because while I'm working on my stroke - and I'm always working on my stroke - I'd love some expert advice from the Board.

You will notice several things here, firstly the explosive finish on the forward cast. In fact in the first cast I'm so powerful (don't know my own strength sometimes) I nearly lose my balance, and only through great dexterity manage regain control and stop myself falling over. Although I could cast with less power, this would be defeatest in my view, and I reckon I can (a) use my left leg to stop this happening again and (b) use my hauling arm as a windmill counter-balance.

Another thing, and somewhere I think I can really improve, is drift and especially on the second cast. I've been changing my stroke so much recently while experimenting with sliding load that I'm now not fading enough at the beginning of the forward stroke.

Something else that I have been working on, but haven't done here, is casting through the spine of the rod when really going for distance. My problem in life (apart from being attracted to all the wrong women and for all the wrong reasons) is that I can only think of one thing at a time, and even then I struggle sometimes.

Watching this video I'd also say that I've taken the rod hand too far behind me when forming the stop and I'd rather it was somwhere nearer the shoulder - I'll be working on this. That's the other reason I have a camcorder.

I look forward to some advice! Paul :-))

Right, back to the discussion...

Two days later

So the advice I'm taking is to drop back the rear foot, lean back more and keep the elbow in closer. Today I'm in the 36-38 yard bracket (yesterday I fluked a 120ft). To put this in perspective some guys average 120, so I'm not quite on the pace, but 8 months ago my longest 5-weight casts were little over 100ft and a 105 was quite exceptional... so I'm improving :)

I'm happier with this video, but there are obvious places to improve: firstly I'm rocking way too much, I want to sink that back leg, tighten up the back stroke, keep the hand lower in the backcast, and launch into the forward stroke. By controlling my body posture more in the backcast I reckon I can explode more on the front (of course I thought I was doing that but the camera shows me something different - tis often like this I'm afraid).

This cast measured 38 yards. Unfortunately the leader crumpled and the wool landed about 3 inches in front of the line - tis often like this too actually - as I explained to Frank on the Board, angels carried my wool over the line yesterday ;)

Oh and another thing you will notice is I dumped the hat and for the obvious reason - I think that's important.

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