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Terms and acronymns commonly used and argued over on The Board.

This is my first attempt at trying to make sense of some of the terms and acronyms used in the flycasting discussions on the Board. They may not be technically correct, and they can certainly be tighter. I'm happy to change any term which could be better. This list is anything but complete but I am here to help.

Rod Straight Position RSP
The point when the rod is perfectly straight either at the beginning of the casting stroke or as most commonly used to define the point when the rod passes through RSP during the bounce.

The act of the rod unloading, passing RSP and rebending.

Tip deflection or counterflex
The rebent position of the rod at full bounce.

Loop Straight Position LSP
Introduced by Frank during one of his finer moments to define the exact point when the loop straightens.

Rod Arc or Casting Arc
The angle between RSP at the start of the stroke and RSP during the bounce. Alternatively used to describe the change in butt angle during the stroke. They can be different of course, so good luck.

Stroke length
The distance the hand moves from its very first movement in the casting direction to RSP.

Straight Line Path SLP
Commonly used to describe Bill's ideal 3-dimensional path which the tip follows during the casting stroke.

Slide [formerly Slide Loading]
Forward movement of the rod prior to LSP in concert with the hauling hand and rod hand simultaneously coming together. It may or may not include a butt rotation. Thanks Joan.

See Drag

See Slip only kidding. Forward movement of the rod during the stroke and after LSP, with no butt rotation (ie change of angle). Bruce may have invented this term, which surprises a lot of people.

Technical term instructors use when confronted with something they don't understand.

Water haul
Allowing the line to land on the water during the pause phase of either forward or backcasts. This can sometimes allow greater control. Written about by Lefty Kreh as a means of achieving extra distance. Frank thinks it's bollocks.

The ability to harness imaginary wave energy by pulling back on the butt during the forward bounce and prior to RSP. Only one person on the planet has managed to achieve this so far.

Butt stop
The point when the butt stops travel in the direction of the cast. Haven't thought too hard about this one, but purely perpendicular butt movement will cause a rod to unload, making this another excellent definition.

Tip travel
A fantastic new term. Following continuous arguments with Frank and a bottle of red wine, Tip Travel is the distance the tip travels from the very beginning of the stroke to RSP.

Unintentional forward drift.

Powerless repositioning of the rod during the pause. Most commonly in the direction of the loop unrolling. It may or may not include butt rotation.

Butt rotation
Changing from the missionary position to girl on top. The most efficient distance casters do this toward the end of the stroke, preferably dressed in drag (Frank).

Any other terms causing confusion please let me know.

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