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Dude with a hat

now *this* is the slip in action...

dude with a hat This is the Switch Cast. Sure I could have done the roll cast, you know something easy, but I figured WTF let's have something sexy for a change. If you don't know what the roll cast is go here (also includes video). If you don't know what the switch cast is (it's a jump roll) then go here.

Some people have a problem with the roll cast, if this is you then follow the cartoon strip on this page and notice the slip (also talked about in this series).

It's getting good right? :-)

still slippery :-)

The casting sequence on this page is simply one variation of the roll cast. I use three and this is my favourite. This particular style is a fast off the side switch cast utilising a clever little elbow manoeuvre (check this video out if you missed out)

My advice, contrary to everyone else's, is to practice your roll and switch casting over grass, concrete, sand; in fact anything but water. Once you have mastered the slip and the forced stop then go find some water and learn how to lift and sweep. If you can't roll cast over grass then you're not slipping. Ironic huh?

The other variations I use are (a) the Underhand style (pulling) for small D-loops and (b) a closer positioning of the line to my feet coupled with a vertical stroke (thanks to Viking Lars). Sorry it's such a hefty page BTW, I'm looking for a better compressor - I might try the porn sites; they appear to be ahead in this field.

it *all* happens in that first frame... cool hat... must be Spanish

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