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After two intensive sexyloops flycasting sessions (one this afternoon and the other finishing about ten minutes ago) I finally manage to get exactly the video footage we all wanted to see. It was surprisingly easy in the end; I know how everyone had been telling me how easy it was and all I needed was a shady background and they were right (how clever of them!). With a shady background (and a ladder - they forgot to mention the ladder bit) you can get perfect video footage of loops every single time as the video on this page clearly demonstrates.

I don't wish to make a mountain out of a mole hill, you know make out that it was not quite so easy when in fact it was really easy, just for the purposes of sensationalism; this is Sexyloops after all and you know me better than that. And far be it from me to come across conceited like, but it wasn't *quite* so easy as many people made out. For this small (albeit excellent quality video) it did in fact take two hours of intensive flycasting.

And it wasn't all completely smooth sailing either. There was a brief spell (of about fifteen minutes) when I got it marginally wrong and was casting out of shot. I was doing some extended dynamic roll stuff too for Herb with a triple twist top. It's a pity that bit didn't come out really since you would have been absolutely amazed. I know I was.

In these videos I am using a 9ft rod, a five weight line (yellow so you can see it clearly at all times - no need to take chances that it won't come out), the best camcorder on the market and one ladder. The ladder was in fact the secret (that and the shady backdrop of course - although that wasn't such a secret since *everyone* knew about it and made great pains to tell me). With the ladder you can mount the camcorder at any angle and height you require, or alternatively (as can be seen in one part of the excellent video of intense flycasting action) you can climb the ladder (be sure to hold on - you don't want to fall off and hurt yourself or anyone walking around beneath you).

Finally when all isn't quite going to plan you have the old faithful never-failed-yet floodlight option. By waiting until it is conveniently dark and setting yourself up strategically positioned below some floodlighting you get perfect shots every time.

You will no doubt be seeing some more excellent footage like this later in the week. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

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