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The Double Haul 3 - Stealth

The first lesson was basic double haul timing where the hauling hand mirrors the stroke - that's the best way to learn. The second lesson was an improved double haul; the haul acceleration being applied as the rod is flicked/squeezed near the end of the stroke - that's the best way to do it.

Hauling isn't just something we use for distance however; it's something useful for every cast. If having read these pages, you're struggling to master the double haul, then pay some attention to your stroke: remember a good stroke doesn't apply power throughout the stroke, but concentrated towards the end.

Although there are other methods of teaching and learning the double haul, many of which are covered here, in the Casting Manual, this pantomime method is particularly good for teaching large groups and (hopefully) here on Sexyloops. In this final video I'm applying little "stealth" hauls, you don't even need to leave you desk to practice these :)

You can use short hauls to enhance other components of the cast; for example, on this page I'm using the haul to help lift the line into the Switch Cast.

If you've found these lessons useful, or have any thoughts I can use to improve them, then please email me!
Cheers, Paul

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