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The Double Haul 1 - Basic

I've been threatening to teach the Double Haul to Steve ever since I began the Beginner's section two years ago. But it was only while teaching in Berlin recently that I realised exactly how I should do it. This is the method Mel Krieger uses; Mel is possibly the best flycasting instructor I've met. His method involves pantomime, which is a great teaching technique. And just perfect for Sexyloops.

You will notice here that I am not using my normal flyrod, but instead a pencil. No doubt you are now sitting in front of a computer screen. I want you too to pick up a pencil (imaginary or otherwise) and mimic my actions in time with me; it will take a little practice. Before you try this, move your cursor to the movie, right click it and make the movie full screen (press esc key to return). Keep playing the movie until you drill the actions into your "muscle memory".

little big manThe correct time to practice shooting/releasing line is immediately upon completion of the haul.

This is the basic double haul stroke and teaching method - I've matched the haul to the stroke; in the next instalment I'll adapt this slightly. On this site and on the Board we have pulled the double haul to pieces and we're in the process of dismantling the overhead cast. Here is a recent article on the Double Haul. There are many others on Sexyloops, but for now, if you can't double haul, this is page for you. For a movie of the Double Haul in action visit the paulcast Movie.

just another sexyloop

Quick Tips:
1. When practicing start off very s l o w l y
2. Keep the rod hand stationary when bringing the hands together
3. Try practicing in front of a mirror
4. With this basic haul the haul should mirror the stroke in both length and intensity.

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