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The first go
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The first go

This is the first clip which Paul is going to have fun with!
Here are the disclaimers:
It was cold and this was the first attempt at proper filming by the camera(wo)man. What follows is, I hope though, going to be some very useful comment including supporting stills. These pages will change as the experiment and the experience of putting it together gets in to proper gear. I have started by putting in the 'bare bones' of the email that Paul sent and then we'll take it from there.

Well it had to be done I suppose!
This is FLIX encoded

Paul: OK first up please take top half of the body pictures ie MUCH closer, not only can I not see the line anyway but I don't need to. Yes there are a lot of moles about :)

The casting a little bit wishy-washy; I'd like to see you take more positive control over the rod. Don't be too hasty to get it out there, take your time and feel your way through the stroke.

I'd like see more of a chopping movement on the forward cast. The third cast in particular sees you lift your hand in a curve. This is unnecessary.

Please trap the line between your index finger and the handle, this will stop it flapping about so much and stop it coming off the reel at critical moments.

and spot the gormless expression!A good tip would be to try locking the elbow, yet still allowing it to travel upward and downwards. A direct up and down movement is far more preferable and many of the good modern casters do this. You are *end gaining* BTW.

For the next videos please take close ups. All I want is the top half of the body. All of the rest is scenery. And try to make that backcast an up-cast...

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