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Distance Casting and the Double Haul

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Gordon Baker emails:

Hi Paul

I want to let you know I appreciate and enjoy your website. I came to Sexyrod about a year ago and it wasn't until quite recently I discovered on Sexyloops the "On to the first tip" link to your advanced casting pages. What a revelation this has been. I feel like a novice again, but now possess a nenewed enthusiasm and a more focussed attitude, to distance casting in particular (Taupo winter fishing coming up).

I have been involved with a local club for a number of years and during this time have taught flyfishing, flytying, and flycasting.

Early on (about ten years ago), my casting development relied on regular, sometimes daily, practise and experimentation with rod/line set-ups and technique. I was alone, and it felt a bit like casting in a vacuum insofar as there being no one else around with a similar interest. I was attempting to apply what I was picking up in books and magazine articles, and casting videos (Lefty and Mel). What I discovered was - there are some essential techniques, some additional techniques, and a variety of styles.

I would be grateful Paul if you could peruse the attachment and offer any suggestions on how it could be improved. It lists, as I see it, the essential elements of distance casting. I give it to local anglers and club members who are keen to cast further.

Yesterday I joined your bulletin board as "kiwi" and am looking forward to contributing to it.

Kind regards
Gordon baker

The attached document

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