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Mending Line
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It is probably appropriate, while we are on the subject of mending line, to consider the how to mend line effectively while it is on the water. It is really quite simple: we draw a circle with the rod tip, clockwise to mend to the right, anticlockwise for the left. The intention is to pick some line up and flick it back up into the current (although downstream mends do have a use too - mainly to speed up the fly, but sometimes if our fly is in really fast water and we want to give it some more slack).

There are a few other important points:

  • If we are trying to mend the line without moving the fly we will need some slack line to play with. You can either use existing slack line - from say, a wiggle cast, or create some, either by shaking the tip while feeding some line, or shooting some line into the mend (which I really only find effective for short distances).

  • It is possible to mend using other techniques, for example you can roll cast or flick-lift some slack down the line.

  • It is best to be anticipate the need for a mend and perform it in advance.

  • When casting down and across a river with a sinking line and the intention of getting the fly deep, you may have to make a reach cast followed rapidly by a couple of slack-line roll casts in order to get that deep drag-free drift. Don't limit your options to just one type of mend.

  • Sometimes we can mend the line with the intention of moving the fly, - say, for example, to induce a take to a sedge - to do this simply make your mend without slack line!