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Headwind casting faults [Versión en español]

Ignoring all the other overhead faults, it's actually rather simple.

Line lands in a heap at your feet:

Either an open loop (narrow the stroke, forget about applying power, this is time for technique baby) or the forward cast was high (concentrate on a high backcast; tuck up and cast upwards, not backwards).

Line lands on the water, straight but splashy:

Wow, don't think I've ever seen this, but it is possible… and is too low a forward cast.

At first Karen really struggled with this. It was pretty damn windy. Fortunately with my classic demo I was able to show her that it had nothing to do with strength. Immediately, her next cast was perfect. As was every cast which followed :-)

Paul: Now you are flycasting. Well done!
Karen: Thank you!

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