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Untwisting Twists

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A clever trick

I received this tip in an email from Angus McLeod:

Hi Paul,
While wandering through the Sexyloops site the other day I noticed your reference to a fishing pal taking the reel off his rod to remove the twist he casts into his line. (this is in reference to Henry Lowe and his annoying habit of hooking a fish everytime he does this - Paul)

There is an easier and quicker way which you could suggest to him - assuming he doesn't already know it.

(1) With the line on the water to provide some tension, retrieve two or three yards containing the twist and allow this to hang between the butt ring and the reel.

(2) Take the line between the index finger and thumb of the line hand, immediately in front of the reel, and roll it until the loop is hanging twist-free.

(3) Smartly raise the rod, simultaneously releasing the finger-and-thumb grip, so that the line smacks hard against the rod. (It helps to have the drag tightened up so the action does not pull line off the reel).

If you then lower the rod and again retrieve the original loop of line, and provided that stages (2) and (3) have been done correctly, the twist will have vanished.

If necessary, wind this section of line on to the reel and repeat with the next section.

I can't explain how this works, or where the twist goes - my O-level physics of 40-odd years ago didn't cover such vital questions - but work it most certainly does.


This is a fantastic tip; thanks Angus. I think I can see how it works (by transferring the twists from between the reel and the butt ring to outside of the tip ring). I'll be sure to pass this one on to Henry - Paul :-)

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