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Line Profiles and Loops

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A question for Paul


Just wondering how you would see the line profile effecting ability to throw a narrow loop. I have noticed that the "manufacturer who you do not mention" Delta taper is supposed to be designed for 'open loop casting' with teams of flies to stop them fouling. As I'm not the world's greatest caster, could I place some blame for my difficulty in forming a really sexy narrow loop on the line profile ....please? And would a standard WF necessarily be easier to form narrow loops with as the follow on question.


Mark Hoffman

Paul's answer

Hi Mark,

Frankly I think this is a interesting marketing by the manufacturer who we do mention. I'm not sure, but I'll ask them!

Personally I prefer this type of line profile (Jim Vincent's Windcutter, Lee Wulff's Triangular Taper, Michael Evans' Arrowhead) for my casting. I find the thin lighter line, travelling over the thicker heavier line actually facilitates loop control. Which in turn allows me to throw narrow more controlled loops. If I remember rightly ME recommends his Arrowhead for tight loops.

Tight loops are created by straight paths of the rod tip during the casting stroke. Best way to learn to throw tight loops is to focus on false casting 8 yrds or so of line, using the minimum of hand movement.

A standard Weight Forward line, in my opinion, is no better or worse than a Double Taper in terms of loop diameter, and in my opinion inferior to the above profiles. I will, however, email all of the above manufacturers and see what they have to say! IF they reply (this is email remember!) I'll post it here...

Incidentally, if you use a tapered leader and taper your flies you can throw narrow loops with three flies. The only time I use open loops is for catching the wind, or for when casting a heavily weighted fly.

Thanks for the question.
Best wishes,


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