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The Pile cast
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also known as dump cast and puddle cast (esp. in US where Pile cast is genenerally reserved for the fly-first cast) an extreme application of the low backcast used to create large amounts of slack line almost at our feet, really useful for those tricky downstream casts. This is the procedure:

  • Make a low backcast

  • Make a high forward cast, shooting plenty of line

  • Before the line has even had a chance to straighten out - kill it, follow through to the water

  • You will end up with more slack line than you could ever possibly imagine needing...

A variation of this is to kill the cast with a circular movement of the rod - useful if you are in mid-cast in a boat and a fish rises half a yard in front of you!

  • Creating slack as a solution to overcoming awkward currents can generate a completely new problem: "so the fish takes my fly and now I've got ten yards of slack line between me and it - what now?" is a fairly typical question.

    There are two answers here: number one is don't put so much slack out there in the first place, and number two is under those situations where you messed up and you thought you were going to need ten yards of slack, but actually only needed a couple; you have the roll cast in reserve.