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Ronan's report

Thursday 2nd December, 2010

Pleased to report we have had no further skunk activity this past week.

As l see the near end of my guide season here for this season it is a time to reflect on the many days out there on the river and in particular some of the great fish my customers have caught. Pretty much l have a dam good memory for many things, one of which is how we caught those fish, its location the fly and methods we used. Kind of like a mind diary if you like, aside from the 100s of pictures l take of my customers with smiling faces as they hold and admire their trophies. There were also many times when big fish were hooked and lost, and l would have to say that the main reason why they were was due to the angler loosing control, standing on the fly line when the fish took off, dropping the rod tip way to low, or may be simply holding on way too tight, it happens to the best of us at times, agreed.

For certain developing a feel for the rod you are using and knowing the limitations that you can push the equipment given your set up, 4/5/6x size of fly and so on are all considerations. If there is one factor we can never be sure of it is how well is the fish hooked and that is often the kicker.

Oh, well a fish lost is a fish lost, but we know well enough another will be caught, and may be the lost fish if we are able to relocate it and have another try. Now that one can be a fun time.

Ok whats in line for the winter when its simply to dam cold to be out there, answer is simple, fly tying, watching some good movies, drink some good Scotch and some.

Now before l say it, l know it, that there will be some new and wonderful creations come forth from my tying vice, do l have in my mind some new ideas, concepts, for sure l do, will they become national favorites or will they be on my secret list, heck who knows. One thing for sure is that until they have been well and truly put to the test they will be a close guarded secret.

Now there are those that believe us guides carry boxes of flies that are not to be shown to the rest of the world save for the clients we set them up with, is there any element of truth to this, well may be there is, may be not, that's for you to figure out !

A $600 rod, $400 reel, $70 line, $500 pair of waders and all the other junk that is carried in the fly vest may have some bearing on what you are able to do, it is at the end of the day the fly and how you present it that matters, coupled with of course intimate knowledge of the habits of the fish in the watery world you are fishing, and you do not buy that from the fly shop.

OK back to the vice. If anything further l thought this winter l would take a good look at some of the books in my large library of fly fishing and tying journals, if anything we do tend to forget much of which is great value that has been written in the past. If you do not possess this publication l would suggest you get one. A Dictionary of Trout Flies by Courtney Williams, always been one of my favorite books, a few others come a close second. At any rate l would suggest that with a few exceptions within the pages of this book there are more than enough fly patterns to catch the vast majority of trout we ever angle for. There may be a few issues so far as obtaining some of the materials or correct identification of shades used, given your geographical location, but there are in most cases suitable alternatives.

My choice so far as a dark blue dun hackle may differ from yours, as will the differing shades of olives and honey duns, that's life. If you do not have the original often as not it amounts to a calculated guess.

But aside from that l am sure you will come up with many concoctions that will catch you fish, and that's what its all about, eh.

Tight lines all.


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