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Ronan's report

Sunday 16th November, 2008

This weekend's double bill from Andy...

Well, those of you who keep an eye on the board will know that I've got an awful big adventure right around the next bend. Truth be told the adventure started months ago, infact, around about a year ago, when I joined Sexyloops. Since then I've bought rods I had never considered, tied flies I didn't think I could, jaunted to Scotland to meet a bunch of strangers, and cast loops so sexy that I'm not depressed about being single anymore. This website has shaken my life upside down. I've left my comfy job, walked away from my easy home life, cast aside the love interest in my life and I've left everything and everyone behind. And you know what, its the most amazing feeling I've ever had. Never have I known excitement, fear, anxiety or adrenaline like I have these last few days. Who would have thought being a fisherman would be this exciting?!

Of course, the site is only as good as the people who contribute to it, which is exactly why Sexyloops is a one of a kind. Where else in angling do you get to talk to your heroes, the finest fly tiers, casters or yarn spinners on the planet?! It has truly been inspirational, and I really do feel I need to mention a few people who I need to thank for helping me make all this happen. Paul has been a great help, his experience, knowhow and Unicum have been invaluable, lest I not forget that I wouldn't even be doing this shit without his site. TheFly (Mark), so much encouragement and help, I wish we'd fished together this year, I look forward to spooking all your fish in NZ man! Magnus, I love having a good yarn with you about gear, cos I always gain something from it, like an echo 9' 8#........ Victor (Mike) you were genuinely the first person to tell me I could cast, and coming from you that really means something. Lasse Karlsson, or bro, you made me a better caster in minutes, how do you do that?! Chris Dore, I look forward to guiding you round those South Island back country rivers, I've got glister nymphs like you've never seen em! Finally, and this is a big one for me, Stoatstail (Mark). You told me to book the flight, I wasn't sure, but I trusted you, you were so right, thanks for all the pm's, phone calls and help. You really ought to come out to see us at the clave!

Thanks to everybody's words of encouragement, it means a lot to me. It's an awful big step for me to give up all the things I've worked hard for, but with the help I've had its been such a cool time.

Anyway, its 01:49 gmt, I need some sleep (whisky), I've a flight to catch tomorrow. I look forward to catching up with some of you NZ guys. If you fancy a fish, or a beer, or some very average flies, PM me.

Gee, I guess it's all about to happen then yeah?

Thanks a lot 'loops, catch you on the other side of our wonderful little world.


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