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Ronan's report

Wednesday 09 April, 2014

is a concept I quite often heard people using to exlain why someone caught a fish. Personally I have never ever bought into such a concept at all. Not once!

Why? Because I have seen the same few people catching the big ones year by year again. Or others caught the most fish year by year again, but never one of the big ones. And then there are those who fish different and in certain times of the year always catch more fish then the rest of us.

Being lucky means it happens by chance. But no, catching a fish in my opinion never happens by chance. Yes, I already know some of you now will think it to happen at least sometimes by chance. Still I don't buy into that concept.

For me fishing is about learning. Learning about:

- the fish behavior

- the fish food and how all the animals in here do behave

- the specific water we fish in

- the fly design in relation to the fish we want to mislead

- adjusting the cast, the fly line and the leader to all the different conditions in order to constantly achieve a superb presentation of our fly

- choosing the right time of the day and/or year for each water in relation to the fish we are going for

Yes, there is a lot more to take into account. Paul likes to think about a decade being the minimum time it usually takes to become an expert for catching just one species of fish. Besides that I think some people simply will never focus on all the key points listened above. Instead they always will hope for their chance!

And that's fair. It happens that those people catch a few fish here and there, too. And yes, a very few of them may even be lucky enough to catch a big one. Personally I will be someone trying to figure out WHY (how) they caught it and learn from that.

Hopefully I could make some of you think about your own strategies and how often you have rethought them yet!? I change mine year by year. I have spent 25 years in Sea trout fishing. And still I have changed one of my strategies just this year again! There is always room for improvement.

To me this is what keeps me enjoying it so much.

I wish all of you a proper presentation and the right strategy to catch whatever fish may be on your mind right now.

All my best


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