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Ronan's report

Friday December 8th, 2006

1. It is better to be young, healthy and rich than old, seek and poor.

2. It is better to have at least two (or even more) beautiful Sheepgirls than one disgusting woman which never ever shut up.

3. It is better to have soulful, "no any questions", faithful friend than some bloody son of a bitch ,ex worm&bait fisherman "friend".

4. It is better to go Fly Fishin' than to go to the stupid job every bloody day, simply because "Life isn't easy and then You die"(Johnny Winter Blues)

5. It is better to fish Wild, Remote, Clear and Cold Waters of New Zealand, BC, Mongolia, Patagonia, Bosnia, Russia or Cosmoledo, Drakensberg, Upper Pongola than some dirty local waters, occupied and fulfilled with mutant rainbows.

6. It is better to have The Best FF tackle one can afford than torture yourself with El Cheapo, budget and consequently rubbish rods, lines, reels, flies, clothes and socks.

7. It is better to cast like an Uberrcaster by him self than like a Crapcasters, or like arrogant middle-aged students in tweed suits from Orvis Casting school, or those who try to learn casting from Krehy books(sorry).

8. It is even better to cast like an Uberrcaster than to have all previous 7 conditions in the order (but you still must to have bloody good Rod, Reel, Line, Leader, Tippet, Fly (point 6) and gorgeous Sheepgirls (point 2) and bloody good friends (point 3) around you, without all this you are still in deep shit).

9. It is even much better to cast like an Ubercaster than like a Crapcaster even you are the happy owner of ugly woman and bad friends. You can go fishing and casting faaaaar a way from bloody sons and daughters of a bitches.

10. It is better and it is one unique, ultimate and absolute pleasure, out of any other known experience, to effortlessly control the loops challenging Isaac Newton laws without any sense-thought-mind-notion-idea-meaning or something similar messing your brain or impact your soul - you should just do it and stay happy. And play with shapes, speed, sharpness or slack. Up to You.

All that in absolute silence of noise River.
Happiness without remain.

(don't forget on perfect Rod, Sheepgirls and good Friends …. They are all parts of all that…)


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