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Ronan's report

Saturday November 7th 2009

There's somerthing I've been thinking about lately that I'd like to ask you all over on the Board.

How many of you have more than one rod in the same rating, and why? If I take a look at my own quiver, some "doubles" come from reasoning. For instance, I have to 6-wts - a 9' that I use in the salt, and one 9'6" with a considerably slower action that I use in the rivers for sinking line work.

If I look at my 4-wts, a few of them have joined the collection for other reasons - one was bought very cheap, and I acquired my TCR 490 out of panick when they were discontinued :-). I could quite happily fish with one 4-wt for all my trout- and graylingfishing - I mostly use my T&T Horizon 490 anyway.

I'm even considering replacing my 9'6" with a 10' instead - maybe even a 7-wt, but I'm not sure.

I know a lot of people collect rods - I have a friend who owns every single 8-wt Scott has ever made for instance.

So, let's talk - spill your guts and let's hear how many rods you *really* have :-)!

Enjoy the weekend!


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