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Ronan's report

Wednesday 13 August, 2014

Just slightly better, if you ask me that is!

A while ago someone (a none angler) asked me, why I care so much about fishing - fly fishing in particular.

I told it to be for similuar reasons he cares so much about having sex (which he does).

He looked at me like it was completely absurd to compare fly fishing and sex. But the more I think about it, the more similarities there are for me.

When I (in age of 3) caught my first fish, I never could (nor did I want to) stop fishing again. Exactly the same thing happend when having sex for the first time. No, am not going to tell you how old I was at that time! ;)

After a while I had to catch different species of fish. Especially those, which were hard to catch. Well, what can I say? Quite similuar with women. I had to find out about having sex with different women as well as chasing those who wouldn't be interested in me. Chasing them? Yes, it ("chasing") pretty much matched for both fish and women.

I tried a hell lot of things like many kind of sports for example. But in the end I never could feel such a strong passion like my passion for fishing. The same goes for having sex. Having sex always was extra intense to me.

Oh, and no doubt without having sex for a while (having it on my own doesn't count here) I don't feel too good. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems to be for Paul though. ;) Anyway without fishing (just casting does not count here) I am not sure I can't exist longer than maybe a month. To be honest I yet never tried it and hopefully never have to!

Now I was wondering why both the fishing and sexual genes are such strong inside me?

The only answer I can come up with is (no idea if it is true or not):

Fishing was meant to help humans to survive. To simply have something to eat. Sex was meant to make sure humans would not just die out. With both it seems to be fair to say, that today we found ways how to make it even better as it probably already was thousands of years ago. About fishing I choosed to fly fish for many reasons. Don't be afraid, am not going to compare with my sexual behavior now! :)

Anyway to those not understanding why I can't stop fishing: I am not sure I can't understand it myself either. But maybe you can accept, that fishing for me is such a strong feel as having sex is. And who knows quite some of you none anglers may understand the need of having sex!?

Maybe I should have told you anglers about how fantastic it can be to share both fishing and having sex with one woman. Could result in an interesting discussion with all those anglers, who keep telling me how glad they are about their girlfriend/wife not sharing the passion for fishing at all. Feel free to start a discussion on the board.

Great week to all of you!

All my best


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