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Ronan's report

Wednesday June 14th, 2006

Great weekend; just catching up! No Carlos today.

I've just hooked up with Davy Wotton who I haven't seen since my Chatsworth days. We're off for an evening trout trip (hoping for a 20lber) and then a morning lake trip chasing bass. Last night I forgot to take my waders which was a bit of a mistake. I managed fully 10 seconds of wet wading. At this rate I reckon by next week I'll be up to 60 seconds which apart from Shane's little white lie, would have been some sort of State record.

Anyway, we'll be nymphing and then lure bashing for monsters. No real news apart from the fact that all the Sexyloops' DVDs have now been mailed... Sexyloops Time: The closest thing to fishing you can find.

Have a great day!


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