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Ronan's report

Sunday October 16th 2010

Flyfishers do a lot of strange things - probably more than most other "hobby-people".

My family is quite used to seeing me wash skins, hides and necks in shampoo and conditioner and spend unreasonably long time drying them carefully with a blowdryer, seeing the diningtable scattered with bits and pieces from my flyreels when I take them apart to clean and lubricate before putting them back together, seeing me go through the complex ritual of cleaning flylines, which involves the entire apartment, seeing me spend 2 hours waterproofing my waders and jacket with Revivex after a wash. Even me pantomiming casting in front of the computer or TV no longer raises an eyebrow.

But of all the strange things that I (and most other flyfishers I assume?) do, I think I topped them all last night :-). IN a fit of something I don't really know what was, I decided to strip the backing off a couple of new reels I got in a trade - and wash it :-).

A total half a kilometer of 50-pound GSP backing was coiled up on my linewinder in two coils held together with 8 cableties each - and then washed in the washingmachine :-). It worked quite well and it's now completely clean, white and odorfree (I got the reels from a smoker!).

The weirdest thing is that when Pauline asked what I was doing and got the answer she said "OK" and went on about her own business :-).

Now for the reels - I probably won't put them in the washing machine, but they definitely need care!

Have a great weekend!


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