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Ronan's report

Tuesday April 22nd, 2008

Interesting thread over on the Board.

Staffan asked "What are your breakthroughs?"

Like others in that thread I mentioned a couple of casting things which have helped my casting - in my case, coming to understand the variable casting arc and using drift made a big difference. Thinking back I should've mentioned what made finding, understanding and using those concepts/techniques a little more urgent: a real live 100ft tape measure. Most decent casters think when they see the backing knot slipping up into the rings their fly lands at 90 to 100ft. Cast against a tape and you know differently.

The discipline of chucking consistent distance is not a matter of throwing long and then running out a tape. Stretch the tape, stay behind the end and cast. Chances are if your line lands anywhere near the tape you'll immediately lose 10 or more feet. And then, when you think the line looks great, look where the fly lands, look at the leader.

Even if you never ever compete in competition the discipline of casting against that ruthless unforgiving objective tape will prove frustrating and motivating. With a little practise, after a few weeks your line will land alongside the tape, the leader wills land straighter and you'll regain those lost feet with interest - hopefully :)


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